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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (奥利) at the University of Denver (DU), in partnership with 瑞吉斯大学 is an adult learning membership program that offers inquiring adults, 50岁以上," the opportunity to pursue lifelong learning in a relaxed, 非竞争性的气氛. Thanks to the generosity of The Bernard Osher Foundation, 奥利在杜 in partnership with Regis' site joins a network of more than 120 institutes across the U.S. that are helping older learners find personal fulfillment.


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Course Offerings for Spring 2023

Continue building your knowledge alongside great company in a relaxing environment. The 2023 Spring 奥利在杜 course catalog is now available.




Ready to exchange ideas and build on your knowledge in the company of new friends? Opportunities to engage with other lifelong learners are just a few simple steps away.


Includes unlimited in-person and online courses, plus discounts at local restaurants, 博物馆和活动.

Term (Fall, Winter, Spring) $140
Single course (new members only) $50

3 terms: Fall, Winter and Spring


课程、演讲者系列 & 在线研讨会

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奥利在杜 offers three types of membership:

  1. Annual 会员 (only available in the fall): The fee is $400 per year for unlimited in-person and online courses during the fall, winter and spring terms so long as space is available. The annual membership also includes registration for the four Fall Recess webinars and ten Summer Shorts webinars (currently $10/webinar) and discounts to local area restaurants, 博物馆, 和事件. 
  2. 术语会员: The fee is $140 per term for unlimited courses and webinars (in-person and online) during one term as long as space is available. 会员 also includes discounts at local area restaurants, 博物馆, 和事件.
  3. Introductory 会员 (for first-time 奥利 members only): The $50 fee allows you to register for one 8-week or less course. 

奥利在杜, Regis site members will have library privileges and receive a library card for Dayton Memorial 图书馆 at 瑞吉斯大学's Northwest Denver campus.


瑞吉斯大学 Northwest Denver campus

瑞吉斯大学's Northwest Denver and Thornton campuses are partner sites hosting online and in-person courses for the 奥利在杜 membership program.



To join the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at DU in partnership with 瑞吉斯大学 and start connecting with like-minded peers who seek enriching educational opportunities, 简单地注册课程. Become a member of this lifelong learning organization, today.


  • Take classes at any or all of the 奥利 locations
  • Participate in as many classes, workshops and seminars as desired (space permitting)
  • Enjoy reduced-price participation in 奥利-sponsored events
  • Receive the 奥利 newsletter three times per year
  • Get notified about non-advertised DU events (usually at no cost)
  • Receive invitations to social events
  • Get an 奥利 membership card that allows participation and discounts at DU and in the community
  • Use the DU library at the Anderson Academic Commons


Our members come from diverse backgrounds and professions and share the desire to stay intellectually active and engaged. No one is a stranger for long at 奥利 because everyone who joins has the same desire to learn and share expertise in the company of peers.


Lifelong learning through 奥利 meets for three eight-week terms during the year. The fall, winter and spring terms. Classes meet weekly for two hours either in the morning or afternoon for four, 六到八周的周期.


Classes cover academic subjects in history, 音乐, 政治科学, 写作, 文学, 哲学, 科学, 宗教, 全球问题等. Workshops and seminars expand the 奥利 academic curriculum for adults. 奥利 sites around the Denver metro area offer classes where members participate in interactive learning.


Most discussion classes are facilitated by 奥利 members who have professional knowledge of, 或者学术兴趣, 一个主题. Some are lecture classes and are taught by retired faculty members, community and civic leaders and independent scholars. Courses may be facilitated in person or offered virtually via Zoom.